Family Doctor, Homeopath, & Author

Dr. Sylvia Chatroux, MD

Dr. Sylvia Chatroux practices medicine from the heart.

Sylvia offers compassionate, knowledgeable medical care to patients of all backgrounds and ages at her Hersey Health Care Clinic in Ashland, Oregon. Her undergraduate studies in poetry and sculpture—combined with her special interest in counseling and psychotherapy—have equipped her with an exceptionally empathetic bedside manner, creative mind, and sensitive listening skills.

As a patient of Dr. Sylvia’s, you have the power to choose your own balance of traditional and alternative medicine.

For traditional medicine, Sylvia draws on her medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine and her family practice studies at Case Western Reserve in Ohio. Her alternative medicine approach is informed by her three-year training in classical homeopathy at the Hahneman Clinic.

Not only is Sylvia a practicing physician, but she is also an author.

In addition to practicing family medicine, Sylvia Chatroux has authored three books of medical verse.

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