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Gary S.

“Tara Frazier-Rice has been my physician for years. Kind, smart, professional, and personal. Easy to talk with. Her treatment is conversational, empathic, with a sense of humor. Hersey Health Care’s staff of women is also therapeutic. Great atmosphere among all. Reminds me of the classic doctor’s offices of the past. I have appreciated being in […]

Adelle D.

“My husband John and I … have been very impressed with the quality of care we have both received. In addition to seeing Dr. Sylvia, whom we highly regard, both of us frequently schedule appointments with Tara Frazier Rice, an extremely skilled family nurse practitioner. Tara instills confidence in her patients through her ability to […]

Melissa M.

“Sylvia’s compassion, empathetic awareness, and sensitivity are complemented by an acute sharpness of mind, solid medical knowledge, and continually expanding skill sets. She immediately put me at ease during our first appointment, and I have always felt listened to, cared for, and encircled by her wisdom and kindness in the 14 years since Sylvia became […]

Deborah Gordon

“Materia Poetica takes the highlights and small points of homeopathic remedies and turns them into unforgettable portraits that beg to be read out loud.”

Gloria Schwartz

“Materia Poetica is engagingly instructive, a fun way to grasp the intricacies of homeopathic medicine.”

Willa Esterson

“The poems are lively, fun, unpretentious, and full of humor, just like Sylvia.”

Nancy Herrick

“Sylvia has managed to include most of the major keynotes of each remedy while the poems read with a lively zest and humor that is thoroughly charming.”

Gloria Schwartz

“This special book will appeal to many. An enjoyable means of study for those learning herbal medicine with playful yet meaningful synopses of herbs already befriended by the botanical practitioner, this book will also charm any lover of plants and poetry.”

Mark Blumenthal

“The author draws from some of the authoritative contemporary literature for some of the plants’ properties, so both folkloric and modern scientifically documented uses are put to verse.… Several copies of this book are certainly worth having—on the coffee table, for the backpack, bathroom, wherever one reads. A truly excellent gift for the holidays!”

Paul Bergner

“Tired of trying to decipher obscure scientific language in herbal clinical trials? Take a break with some herbal poetry to refresh your spirit. I initially approached this book with some skepticism, but that vanished after reading the first poem and has not returned after reading 20 more. The style and rhyming is humorous, but the […]

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